So i have an nhl trade idea for people well, but i especially want you to weigh on this one, quinn, because i know your caps, man. This involves your caps, let's. See what you think. Capital son philipp grubauer and the number thirty one overall pick this season, overto the islanders in exchange for josh. Oh, saying, twelve overall. Pick islanders fixer goaltending situation. Get rid of a disgruntled prospect and still have the pics to rebuild. Meanwhile, the capital's get younger depth and also get more caste based. Allocate towards sean carlson, the cat's abilio stamps not forget sheet back.

Derek, i think your trade makes a lot of sense on paper, and i agree with all of your reasoning. But i'm a caps fan, and we just won the stanley cup, and i know i'm biased, but i'm of the mentality that if it isn't broke, don't fix it. So i don't think that caps need to do anything. I think uzi is the future, and i think that we need a good backup goaltender. So that's my position. But then again, i'm biased. So i agree with your argue.

The capital's main priority and heading into this all season and hoping to maybe repeat as stanley cup champions should be to keep john carlson. Philipp grubauer is a great backup goalie, like, quinn said. And he can't have enough great goaltenders on your roster. But if getting rid of him, freeze up the cap space to keep john carlson, it's a must make trade. You have to keep john carlson. That defense that the capitals have issue was fantastic, and it all starts with him.

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