So i think people are saying that the gold knights chance to make the play offs aren't that high. They probably think, hey, and expansion, he made it, but it's only gonna be for a year. They're going to fail next season and only a sound a little bit biased here. But i disagree. They have the cap space to play with, and they also you don't have guys. They're going to take up that much of it. Karlsson's obviously gonna be where something kneeler. Peron are going to be aware of something, but other than that, it's, really not a big money for agent they have at vegas, somehow gets eric carlson that's going to be one stack team.

Derek, you're gonna like my answer. They just old knights of a real man. Those guys were legit. They play hard. They're very tough on both sides of the park, and they're very tough. And you mentioned that they have a lot of caste based now, a lot of expensive, bad contract on that team selection of our huge free agent this this summer and build, we will still be running a top man for real.

I think to go the nights that group of misfits will make the playoffs now. Well, they make the stanley cup finals again. Probably not. I will put big eyes. I would go five to one, that they make the playoffs easy. They got it easily, a twenty percent chance of making the playoffs. They probably have a fifty to one chance of making the stanley cup again, but that's, pretty damn good group of aa hockey players on that damn roster.

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