All right, coming at you with some earlier whites. No more ugly ass coffee stains between the teeth. That's probably gonna change tomorrow, but dewberry trot stepping down after lean the caps of the cup, talk about going out on top, but you know what? Congratulations that a guy. I mean, got nashville off the ground, gave over his cup. So, congratulations. I do enjoy life.

Now, barry is saying, show me the money, folks, it is not about going out on top, he's, fifty five years old. I'm seven years old, and he is he retiring, and he made the money he wants. You got three guys out there that are cup holders. They're making six and a quarter, five and a half, five million, and he made one point five last year, got an incentive to take him up to one point eight, and they were talking behind the scenes about two million. No, it's, show me the money, guys, so, look, i'm a step down, somebody on paying.

I respected barry trotz. I obviously don't. I'm not incredibly excited about him stepping down. He was one of the only coaches that could actually make ovechkin play defense, and like you said, he got us the cut, but he earned it. I'm always a fan of guys going out on top, although now we gotta fill that. We gotta fill it quick and just outside of hockey a little bit jay gruden is now the longest tenured coach in d c what a time to be alive.

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