So barry trotz, the head coach of the washington capitals, has just resigned. I'm a caps fan, and, yeah, this stings a little bit hurts, but i really appreciate everything he's done and his contributions and getting us a championship. I really appreciate it if he's retiring, hats off to him, going out on a high no if he's going to another team. Yeah, that stings, but that's, his prerogative, that's his decision, and i'm still grateful for what he's done for this city.

Yep. Barry trotz is actually the real m v p, because he finally gave dc a championship. That's, the first time since nineteen ninety one that a team from washington, d c as one of championships of very trust. Congrats, man. And you and you had a great kurt, even even though i am a tampa bay whitening fan, because i so i live in florida, so and i'm very salty. Your beat us in game seven, so good for him. Good for berry.

Man, i almost made a post about this, because to me, it's, shocking. I mean, talk about going out on top. I mean, i'm not gonna blame for that great coop, but damn, like, did anyone know about this? Like, how blind side it is, everyone that's, crazy, crazy, crazy of me to think of, but hey, got on top, can't buy the dude for it. He earned it. He deserved it. Great coach, long term, wow!

Don't even think that this thing is about anything. In the early retirement of fifty five years old. I you got three guys in the league that one cup say, i think it, toronto, chicago, on somewhere else that make between five million and six and a quarter million dollars. Okay, barry made one point five million last year, with its incentive clause that if you want a cup, he got an extra three hundred thousand behind the scenes. They were talking about raising that two million a year. He finds himself under appreciate.

Battle on SportsMe! BREAKING NEWS: Caps head coach Barry Trotz has just resigned. It stings for us Caps fans, but I appreciate all he’s done in helping us win a championship

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