Guess what, sportsman group, what did i tell you? You know, we're talking about hot scratching your heads and everything. I told you what barry was doing. Barry tried to just taking the head coaching job, the islanders, for what? Show me the money, twice the salary that the caps will pay in him. I told you it was about cash, and i told you he'd be working very quickly. It wasn't about retiring on top or head scratching. He was about. Show me the money, the cab's didn't.

Yeah, i definitely should have read between the lines with that, and i was trying to concede that battle to you because you smack some sense into me. That was a battle. I did not deserve the wind, but but, but, yeah, this is a good hire for the islanders. Maybe, just maybe, this will coax john's embarrass into staying with the islanders. Because, now, getting to work with the stanley cup winning coach could do the trick.

I'm convinced that not only is it about the money, which obviously, as you guys mentioned, plays a huge part in his decision. But i think it's also a little bit about the thrill of the chase. He seems to kind of like to go to teams that have quality assets. And then it sort of take them to the next level. So not only is he getting paid a lot more money, he gets to be put in that position again, where he could possibly run it up a little bit for that thrill of the chase. And maybe take home a cup with a team that, probably, as of right now, would not be considered a comtesse.

Obviously, money was going to be a factor in this same reason. He left washington is the same reason he signed the islanders, however, at the same time, can we really be so sure that this wasn't involving john tavares in some way now, granted, tavares not being on the islanders next scene would be a deal breaker, necessarily. But you can imagine that the islanders won have gotten trots without telling him they'd make a efforts, at least to keep two bears there. And now, the stanley cup winning coaches in long island hey made two bears will stay.

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