So, guys, big news in the hockey world yesterday. Ilya kovalchuk returning to be n h er going to the los angeles kings. Three years, six point five million per year. Obviously, the kings need secondary scoring. It was a big reason why they were eliminated in a sweep of gold knights last year, but same time. Is this really the right location with the king's court? As it is? I'm not sure if they can contend, i don't think a big contract to cobalt truck's gonna help he's ever going to be the franchises savior or a cancer, one of the two.

Really cold. Chuck is a future hall favor, and his days of his prime days are completely passed him. I mean, i used to remember when he plays the atlanta thrashers back in the day. He was an absolute beast back then, but three years, six million each year for the l, a kings is not worth it for them and he's on the decline. His preys on lee gang older, and i know he's, a great player, but and you will provide their leadership. But i don't think it's working on.

I like this. I like the fact that you bring in this works in hockey. You can bring in older players, you could pay him their money, kind of like the retirement plan. They come in, they can teach you younger guys, and they can kind of be like a nice. Now they can control the ice taken control, the flow of the game if they need to, they know how to slow it down. They can teach these kids the tricks or treat. Also, they know how to maximize their ice time so you can limit their ice time so they can last throughout the season, and they can maximize and get the best out of this works. Yaga was able to do this for years and prolong his career and still be a productive member of every jamie plato.

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