So, guys, big news come from avi nhl. Apparently, eric carlson wants a drew, dowdy like extension for eight years, eleven million per year. Now ottawa does not want to give him that kind of money, and at this stage is only two teams that could potentially be in the running for that. And eric carlson has been put in personal contact with george mcbee, general manager of a vegas school. Nights. So let's, ask the question. Is eric carlson going to be a golden knight?

I actually hope so. I think it probably will happen because you said they're able to afford him and the golden knights air contender every year. So air carlson will be the peace that would push them over the top and actually win the stanley cup. This time. I know i'm a tampa bay lightning can. I would kind of like human tip babe caramel with victor head, but they don't have cabs bass. So i think vegas would be a good fit for erik karlsson, and he will be on a cup consent.

Battle on SportsMe! Is Erik Karlsson going to be in a Golden Knights uniform this season? #EKToVegas #NHLTradeRumors

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