Here's. An interesting comparison for you is the lebron going through the lakers. I'll be a free agency, similar to gretzky going to the king's. I'll be at via trade, although we know that gretzky had a lot of control over that trade, and he did that pretty much to raise player salaries and also expand the game across the country is something that i don't think the lebron going lakers is doing it all. However, i can't blame lebron for looking out for himself, although i think it's a horrible move for basketball. If you're on the lakers spend, what do you think? Are these two things comparable?

Look, you say gretzky was saving, hawking who's to say that lebron isn't actually saving basketball. Think about it like this. The mba is flourishing at its best when the celtics and the lakers are super competitive and they are actual contenders for the championship. And they both are. So i think this is a great move for basketball.

You won't see damage to the league. Lebron ain't gonna damage to the league is with, uh, this concept of going to a sixteen team playoff and not keeping it east and west. Keep it east and west. Let the east continue toe figure way. Teo. Get as competitive in their top four as the west is right now. Or seemingly, but because all in all, they already are. If you look at the records last year.

So shot doctor. You telling me that the mba wouldn't be more competitive if you literally forced teams toe have to be the best sixteen teams in the nba? I mean, think about it. Literally half of the east. More than half of the east wouldn't be in the playoffs, and that playoff money will put a fire underst, g m's and owners toby in the plan. I think if you go top sixteen teams, you'll see real competitiveness in basketball.

So, first of all, let me just say, i hate the kings with a burning passion. When they got swept out the golden eyes, i was extremely happy. But gretzky's got do more than lebron. Lf, yes, me and the lakers are already one of the biggest brands and all sports, and lebron joining them. We always knew meringue was going to be on the wall at some point. So this really shouldn't come as much of a surprise to all of us meanwhile, hockey was no guaranteed to be a successful market for the nhl, and gretzky made that happen by making the king's relevance.

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