Our guys got any chou question for you. Tamp it. Lightning signed kiku trough to an eight year extension were over eleven million per year. Cucchiara was only one of three players to register a hundred points last season and, yes, thirty nine goals last year. So, do you think this contract extension was worth it for the whitening? Where do you think they paid a little too much? I think it was a great deal, you cool.

Oh, yeah, re signing cooch is huge for the lightning. They re signed one of the guys who has become one of their best, if not best offensive options over the past couple seasons. And they got him for a good price to think the cap. It was only around for five mil on his old contract. Now in his new contract, it's, nine and a half that's. A steal for a guy over the past couple seasons was a two time all star, was top ten and goals top five and points and he's only continuing to grow improve at the age of twenty for the future, looks bright, and his loyalty has been rewarded.

I am johnson. Vera's gets eight years at eleven million and control gets eight years for eight point five, and arguably, coach rob had the better last season. This is a steal, a ce faras. The lightning are concerned. Kucherov can absolutely justify that cap. It tampa's, captain of a bigger pieces of air corps, especially concerning this year, is going to be biggest, faras the re sign and goes, tampa wants to win now in kou tried being locked up for that kind of price, a very showing they can do that.

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