A chef. Am i clear out right now only because i like you, man like you a lot, really, and you have a lot of good, valuable things i could tell you have to say a lot of fucking outlandish shit on this fucking price shit. I should apologize for maybe monetary sum, use the word faggot earlier, and i don't like that man it's. Not a good word to use, man. I don't know if anybody on sports mia's get. Maybe there are some, maybe they take offense. Maybe they don't, but you shouldn't be using our work. I think it's wrong. Do you show up and apologize for the ship?

Did you know that a faggot is a bundle of sticks? Also? So it's a double meaning. So i think he was referring to a bundle of sticks instead of gay. An offensive term. So, yeah, just helpful. Hint, man.

Thanks, sauce. Boss was setting the table, but i'll cook. Jonah, just give me sec. I'm from new york, when i say fag, and i'm not talking about gay people, i'm saying somebody acting hard and then acting out of the cash back in the total opposite of what they say they are. I'm not a millennium, i'm forty nine, like i said, new york, i'm going to say what i'm going to save the boat. No, hold back. We are grown men on their most of us, but if i offended somebody, my bad, but if you listened, you know what i meant.

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