So, nhl hot, take everyone. The carolina hurricanes, longest active playoff drought, is goingto end of this season. They made a great trade of calgary, but gave carolina dougie hamilton, who will be a top line defenseman right away, young town like andre beck, niqab, martin nikas, valentines, i cop and even warrant fogel e. I think in all, cracked the roster and be big contributors early as faras goaltending goes, philadelphia made brian elliot's that's. Not really that big of a deal. Is it looking good for carolina this year?

I know this is a hot take video, but still the hurricanes are nowhere close. They're a mess. That trade with calgary was a joke. They got fleeced. I don't know how you could possibly think that the hurricanes, one that trade hanifin, was a fifth overall pick, and then you just give him oyl for dougie hamilton who's. Not that great, and also, how is goaltending, not that big of a deal it is. See what? See where flurry got your vegas golden knight. You should notice that i know.

I figure with henry on this one, the calgary flames did get a steal. They got noah hanifin, which was, which was carolina's, fifth overall pick in two thousand fifteen, and and allies lin home andre just extend him for, i believe, six years, and i do not think the carolina hurricanes. We're going to be in a play off spot due to the other powerhouse teams, including the capital's, who just won the cup. You have pittsburgh, columbus, new jersey, scott spot, and i believe you also have filled up.

On what you forgot about the best team in the eastern conference, the tampa bay light and come on, man, put some damn respect on the tampa bay lightning. They're the best. Come on, oh, balls, baby and carolina. I don't know enough about what's going on in hockey, so, but do you know that the tampa bay one? You are the best team in the nhl? So sorry.

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