Hey, guys, it's, leave. So we just put up this question on my hockey pages, get a lot of traction questions. Just this hockey belong in the south. In my line of work, we heard from a lot of people that hockey doesn't believe it belong in the south. It's traditional hockey market should have it, which i think it's crazy. I think hockey belongs anywhere. He's four belongs anywhere what's meant to be, but i wanted your take on this. Well, so the question is, does hockey belong in the south? To think about it, all but one of the teams in this out below the mason dixon line have made or won a stanley cup final. What do you think?

Haley that's. A good question. And i know here in corpus, we got a minor league team about twenty years ago, and we would go. There was meaning for the fights, because most people in the south and deep south, or even understand, first of all, right. Other than that, the biggest problem is you have to have a dome. And most domes and south deep south aren't set up for an ice rink. Because you have to have that underground cooling system and freezing system. They just don't have it. I think that's the biggest problem.

I completely disagree with what they said. I think that hockey is not just on ly for the north, but it can also be for the south. I think ultimately, it just depends on the market for these teams. How much are the city and the fans willing to get behind their teams? And i can't speak for most other southern cities, but i know tampa's, a huge hockey town. We sell out emily almost every night. We're consistent playoff contenders year after year, and we won the cup back in, oh four, and we from the south.

So since vegas is in the southwest, i can also say that, yes, aki can, in fact, work in the south. I mean, comes down success, really, when you think about it, i mean, tampa bay has been successful for last year's vegas house. They had a great expansion year. Meanwhile, franchise like arizona, but i haven't really had sustained success, quite kind of quite panned out the way gary button wants wanted them to. I'm andie ended, obviously comes down to whether the fans want support team, not success, definitely plays a big part in that.

I mean, god, i hate to say i hate to say it, i'm posting so late, i'm missing some of these battles times got off work. What? I don't think he should be down in the south. I think it should be a northern thing, because it's just i just always get the vibe, does not appreciate it was much down there and water all the team's water down talent. I think hockey shouldn't have, like twenty teams. Beyonce with th i think it would be better.

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