Dude, i never said that hockey doesn't deserve to be in the south. What i said was, the south has set up for hockey because our domes don't have those underground, the cooling systems in the dome's, which there's, not that many down, was a swell toe to keep it ice rink, that's all, he said. What do you like it, how you like it, but do we have the ability to do it? No, not at the moment.

Here, you know, we have two arenas. Frank maguire, the original front guar coliseum. And then, of course, the cloning life arena, which i'm more modern day facility, right there, within the same square block of one another. But, you know, we had our mining league hockey here. We had those portable cooling systems for the ranks, and we had all kind of events there in in between hockey games. And it was it was easy to, ah, logistically maneuver.

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