So your guy's opinion, which team is currently the most improved of the nhl off season? Now, the obvious answer seems to be toronto, because john tavares and whatnot. But i really like what st louis has done this offseason got great second line center ryan o'reily for a package where the only piece of consequence they lost or teach thompson a first rounder day pronto. Our bozak will be improvements on patrik berglund. Vlad spoke up, they got pat maroon for cheap. Robby fabbri and zach sanford are going be returning from injury this year. The blues look like they're gonna be back in the playoffs this season.

Yeah, i've been trying to read up on hockey a little bit, and i read this article the other day that one of the teams that did really well this offseason was national, mainly because they didn't do anything. They improved by not doing anything, sir, sorry, said some about quarrying. This working, eli told velvet or some shit, i can't pronounce his last name. Apparently, they like that for scoring, so looks like nationals in a pretty good position. Teo, do well again this year, that's all i got.

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