So alexander ovechkin won the best male athlete of the year award from the s p is a couple of days ago, i forgot to mention it. Obviously, i'm a dc fan, so i was pumped about it. He's, a d, c hero, local legend. But i can't really look at it through an objective lens, because i'm biased, so i want to hear from you guys, do you guys think that anyone was snubbed, that deserved it more, or was equally deserving as ovechkin?

You've got to give it to a man. I mean, this is his year, man, god, buses as disappointment after disappointment. I mean, i'm flyers fan, we're not really faint, like rivals with the capitals. I think some people think we are, but we're really not, so i wanted to see him winks, i eat the fucking penguins and the rangers, but, yeah, i mean, and the devils put, you know, yeah, i wanted him. This is your man, let him have his mickey mouse disneyland year, man, let him let him party. Don't live it up, i'm for it. I'm

Man, i like the way that they chose this award. I think ovechkin deserves it, man, he was overdue to win the stanley cup. He got it done, let his team finally was able to win one, so that right there was just enough for him to make it. There wasn't really any players and other sports who really stood out doing amazing things. Tom brady lost, the super bowl's takes away from him. James harden didn't make it to the finals and wins, so that takes away from him. So i liked ovechkin choice.

Can we just say that with o v winning best male athlete, how great it is that, for once, espn has to talk about hockey. They were probably squirming, like no, give us like brady or anyone but no, you getto be so enjoy talking about for at least a little while, and, yeah, over he's earned it. He finally wants first stanley cup, crushing my hopes and dreams in the process, obviously, but man's, a legend, probably gonna be a top ten player and nhl history, but time is also and done. He definitely earned this award.

Thank god it was a hockey player, not a golf player. By the way, hockey is a sport, of course, and hockey ranks, number two and degree of difficulty, and the list of sixty sports or activities number two behind boxes. So hockey is a sport. Hockey players are athletes. Congratulations, alexander, uh, whatever's there.

So espn screwed up for males and females that who's the snowboarder i saw you spin and this dude, most people can't pull them out of a lineup. Nobody cares about him, hardly know hockey's a semi sport. Most people don't care about that. He won, because they finally want a title there, girl, something, kim. Come on, man, what we need, people we heard off, we need heroes. Nobody cares about them.

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